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Began more than 15 years ago Goldwoulfe Games is a small fantasy gaming company planted in the mountain town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

We strive to make roleplaying fun and easy. And that's just what has happened. Finally after many revisions the WarSaga gaming system was born!

From early on I was fascinated by this concept of role-playing. What an idea I thought, each person gets to customize their own "star of the show" as it were, and imagine themselves waltzing through some fantastic land in search of treasure, fortune, and fame. I was hooked!
Imagine where our games can take you...
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Welcome to Goldwoulfe Games About Us Page
I tried many role-playing games I'm sure we are all familiar with like Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, G.U.R.P.S, Vampire, you name it... Every weekend we got together the 20 of us, and played.

After many years a solid version of the rules developed, and thus became the basis for what we have today what we call the WarSaga Role-Playing System.
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Goldwoulfe Games provides a set of fantasy role-play gaming rules, and online access to a role-playing archive set within the world of WarSaga. We also sell other fun gaming items not related to the WarSaga system such items include, but are not limited to; authentic expertly painted Reaper miniatures, Magic: The Gathering Card singles and multi card auctions, Marvel Battle Dice figures and dice. Furthermore at the current time we offer HO Scale model railroad cars, buildings, accessories, and supplies.
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